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Sarung Tangan Listrik Novax

Electric Insulating Glove / Sarung Tangan Listrik Brand Novax

Spesifikasi :

Rubber insulating gloves are personal protective equipment (PPE)
used in carrying out work with energized parts, and are mainly used by lineman
involved in the maintenance of power supply lines. They form the first line
of defence in the utilities,

telecommunication and transportation industries,
in particular, the electric powered trains, hybrid automobiles and even Formula 1 racing
circuits since the introduction of KERS system.

NOVAX ®gloves are manufactured using an environmentally friendly aqueous dip process.
Our gloves are kept in the natural latex state which results in a glove
that feels much softer and allows for greater dexterity when working,
lessening hand fatigue on users. Our rubber insulating gloves are manufactured to meet
and even exceed the standards of ASTM D-120 and IEC EN60903, which are
the internationally recognized standards for rubber insulating gloves.

The higher class gloves are given the option of coming in 2 different colors,
allowing users to immediately detect any damage done via scratches or cuts on the thinner top layer.

NOVAX protective electrical insulating gloves are manufactured in six classes defining voltage requirements :

– Classe OO(2.5kV) Max : 500 V (Beige Label)

– Classes O (5kV) Max : 1.000 V (Red Label)

– Cllass 1 (10kV) Max : 7.500 V (White Label)

– Claass 2 (20kV) Max : 17.000 V (Yellow Label)

– Cclass 3 (30kV) Max : 26.500 V (Green Label)

– Claaass 4(40kV) Max : 36.000 V (Orange Label)

Certification :


EN 60903

Made In Malaysia